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Dr. Art McCoy--a celebrated educator, equity advocate, speaker, consultant, and more--founded SAGES LLC and 501c3 in 2006 to successfully "Sever the Achievement Gap in the Education of Students & Sever Attainment Gaps Existing in Society." 

He inspires initiatives in (1) workforce development, (2) mental health and wellness, (3) DIE (diversity/inclusion/equity because organizations die without having this as a focus) as well as courageous conversations, (4) education, PD/training, leadership coaching, (5) advocacy, and beyond. To date, Dr. McCoy has enlightened, empowered and engaged over 1 million students, 2500 schools, colleges, companies and other organizations, worldwide.

STL.WORKS Initiative

"Educate as if your life, legacy, and liberty depend on it, because they do!"  Dr. Art McCoy 

​​​​​​​PK-12 Leadership & Bio (Pdf)

Art McCoy, Ph.D., is a trailblazer, renowned educator, entrepreneur, and leader passionately empowering people.  He has served as an education leader and superintendent of schools in suburban and urban schools and districts ranging from 3,000 to 23,000 students.  

  1. At 16-years-old, McCoy was educating educators and students on peer mediation procedures. At age 18, he was a Missouri certified substitute teacher. By age 19, he became the youngest certified teacher reportedly in Missouri, teaching high school mathematics after earning his Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude, only 18 months after graduating from a USA News Best High School.

  2. After obtaining a Master's Degree at 22, McCoy was a principal. At age 25, he earned a Doctor of Philosophy and became Pattonville K-12 Gifted Director. In 2010, at age 33, he became the youngest superintendent in the region, the first African-American CEO of Ferguson-Florissant School District, and a leader for Harvard's Pathways to Prosperity. 

  3. In 2006, as the founder of SAGES LLC and 501c3, Dr. Art McCoy successfully "Severs the Achievement Gap in the Education of Students and Severs Attainment Gaps Existing in Society." He has raised more than $15 million, inspired innovative initiatives, and supported over 1 million students and 2500 schools and colleges worldwide. In 2012, he was a recipient of Community Development Block Grants Department of Economic Development Harvard's Pathways to Prosperity Innovative High Schools Grant.  His district received $290,000 partnering with St. Louis Community College, Carpenters District Council of Greater Saint Louis and Vicinity, and local businesses for students to earn college credit, career certifications, and hands-on experience in high-demand fields.    Other economic development grants and curricular collaborations include over $200K from the Urban League, the Workforce Investment Act, Jobs for America’s Graduates Program for soft skills courses and employment of up to 1200 students annually, and the Federal Reserve Bank for economic literacy classes.

  4. From 2014 to 2016, McCoy served as Superintendent-in-Residence/Chief Academic Officer of the MIND Research Institute and Base 11. He focused on helping thousands of high potential low-income students achieve post-secondary programs, partnering universities including the California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, University of California-Irvine, MIT (Fab Labs), and community colleges nationwide.

  5. In February of 2016, McCoy was named Superintendent of Jennings School District. Under his leadership, multiple graduating classes achieved 100% graduation, career, and college placement, as featured on Fox, CNN, and ABC Primetime.

  6. Dr. McCoy has created homeless shelters, grocery food hubs, school-based health clinics for medical, dental, vision, mental health care for all students, and the first Child-Parent Interaction Therapy in Missouri schools.

  7. As you will see below he served as Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity leader for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and National Change Maker of the US Chamber of Commerce-Institute for a Competitive Workforce. McCoy advised US Legislatures in Washington DC on Opportunity Zones for the US Tax Reform Bill 2017 and the Hero's Act of 2020. Since 2019, he has supported the Regional Business Council STL.Works Initiative as a lead educator and emcee in a regional response to the growing workforce crisis.

Regional Workforce Development Leadership

As a workforce development expert, Dr. McCoy was a Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity Event Panelist for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for a Competitive Workforce partnership in February 2013 for a Competitive Workforce in Jefferson City to discuss critical education reform issues. Dr. McCoy is the STL.Works Initiative Lead Educator, Key Spokesperson, and Emcee on August 6, 2019, in support of this major effort of the St. Louis Regional Business Council as a regional response to the growing workforce crisis

Dr. McCoy led regional workforce development efforts with the Regional Business Council, as well as in Jennings School District, creating STEAM College and Career Prep Academies:

  1. With $5 million from corporate funding and 100 partners from March 2016 to 2020, Dr. McCoy introduced in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area robust 1st to 12th-grade STEAM career pathways, with service-learning experiences, job shadowing experiences, paid and non-paid internships and apprenticeship opportunities and high-quality college and career counseling and courses up to 65 college credits on site.

  2. Elementary students in as early as kindergarten receive enrichment and activities related to at least three career pathways: computer programming and coding, architectural building and design, health services and medicine, plus entrepreneurship and leadership.

  3. Secondary level students receive classes for at least 7 industry-recognized certificate credentials (IRCs). Entrepreneurship programs occur at all levels—PreK-12.  See the recent KMOV Channel 4 News Story showcasing our students and a few partners in the STEAM Academy as well as one of our university partners, UMSL, which showcase students working in the hard sciences in the lab as a part of our STEAM Initiative. National Awardee of NAF Model Academy.

  4. Corporate donors and partners include AT&T, BJC, Boeing, Brown Smith Wallace, Centene, CVS, Clayco, Emerson, Express Scripts, Enterprise,  IFAS, KPMG, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Regions Bank, Regional Business Council, Clayco, MTM, Monsanto/Bear, Microsoft, Niehaus, Schnucks, the Steward Family Foundation, PARIC, Target, Walgreens,  UMSL, Lindenwood, World Wide Technology, Washington University, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis University, St. Louis Community College, Lincoln University, Harris- Stowe State University, Ranken College, Georgia Institute of Technology, the Magic House, The St. Louis Chess Club, the St. Louis County Police Department, the U.S.A. Boxing Commission and more under Dr. McCoy’s development of fundraising and friend-raising.

Higher Education Leadership

Dr. McCoy has served as a(n):

  1. Adjunct Associate Professor and lead consultant at the Univ. of MO, creator of 2 master's degree programs and a Jazz bachelors degree
  2. Plenary Presenter and Guest lecturer at the College of William and Mary, Lindenwood, Maryville, Fontbonne, and more 
  3. Scholarly reviewer of academic articles and books for Columbia University Teacher’s College  
  4. Educate.Today professor and creator of online graduate education courses
  5. Gubernatorial and Senate Appointed Harris Stowe State University Trustee
  6. Washington University’s Brown School Advisory Board Member
  7. St. Louis University University PRIME Advisory Board Member
  8. UMSL’s Chancellor’s Council and chair of the academic affairs (from 2015 onward) 
  9. Ranken Technical College Board of Trustees 
  10. Consultant for UMSL, Skyline Community College, University Southern California, California Institute of Technology (CAL Tech), San Francisco College, and Lindenwood with key leadership activities including creating teacher education programs in STEAM education and education administration;  creating career pathways from PK to 20 in STEAM, hospitality, food service, education, manufacturing, technology, entrepreneurship, including the STL.Works initiative of the Regional Business Council

From 2007 to 2020, Dr. McCoy raised more than $20 million from grants, corporate and individual donors to sustain and increase innovative initiatives for students.

State-Level Education Leadership

Dr. McCoy served as an adviser on the following state-level committees and task-forces:

  1. New MO Process and Resource Standards Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Advisory Committee Member, 2010-2013

  2. New MO Schools District and College Accreditation Framework, DESE Advisory Committee Member 2010-2013

  3. New Model for New Teacher Leaders Standards, DESE, Adviser/Advisory Committee Member, 2010-2012

  4. New MO Standards-Based Performance Assessment for School Leaders, Development Member, 2013

  5. Missouri School Board Association Advisory Committee Member on Online Learning and Virtual Schools, 2011, 2012

  6. New MO Process and Resource Standards Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Advisory Committee Member, 2010-2013

  7. New Missouri Schools District and College Accreditation Framework, DESE Advisor/Advisory Committee Member 2010-2013

  8. Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) Accountability Committee Member, 2010-2014

  9. Missouri Interim House Education Committee Adviser on Education Legislative Issues 2012, 2013, 2014

  10. Missouri Joint House and Senate Education Committee Adviser on Legislative Issues 2013, 2014

  11. Missouri Jobs for America’s Graduates Board Director Co-chaired by Governor & 1st Lady Parson, 2019 onward

  12. Missouri COVID-19 Education Governor's Advisory Council, March 2020 onward

National Level Leadership

In 2015 and 2016,  Dr. McCoy was the CAO, chief consultant, and advisory board member to the Center for Innovation in Education DBA Base 11.  Thousands of high potential low-income high school students achieved post-secondary programs, a STEM Internship, and admissions into partnering universities including the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), University of Southern California, University of California-Irvine, MIT (Fab Labs), and scores of community colleges across the nation.  Base 11 is the first organization to own a UAV/drone airport in Nevada. 

In 2017 Dr. McCoy was invited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be the only K-12 educator and superintendent of schools to serve on a five (5) year initiative (2017-22) called the Poverty and Geography Thematic Research Network Institute for Research on Poverty and U.S. Collaborative of Poverty Centers supported by the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  

Dr. McCoy advised U.S. Legislatures in Washington D.C. for parts of the U.S. Tax Reform Bill - specifically US Senator Tim Scott on Opportunity Zones 2017 and with the Humane Society in 2018. In June 2020, Dr. McCoy advised on the Hero Act.

He served as Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity Event Panelist for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and U.S. Chamber of Commerce- Institute for a Competitive Workforce partnership to discuss critical education reform issues, February 2013

Missouri Jobs for America’s Graduates Board Director Co-chaired by Governor & 1st Lady Parson, 2019 onward


Dr. McCoy has served on over 30 executive boards and community councils including the Urban League, Midwest Health Initiative, Base 11-Education Center of Innovation, Boy Scouts of America, BJC St. Louis Children's Hospital, CommerceBancshares Inc,  the Construction Forum, the Federal Reserve Bank Advisory Committee, the Grand Commission for African-American Males of Sigma Pi Phi, Institute of Research on Poverty (IRP) - Poverty and Geography Fellow, Regional Business CouncilJAG Missouri - Jobs for America's Graduates, Missouri Association of School Administrators, the MO School Board Association, the MUNY, Magic House Museum in St. Louis,  Missouri Chamber of Commerce 2030 Alliance, MO Governor’s COVID19 Advisory Council, NAF-St. Louis, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, North County Inc. the Sheldon.   He is a NAF President's Awardee and NAF-St. Louis Region Executive Board Member and AT&T Believe Advisor of the philanthropy for the AT&T Missouri (of a $1 Million donation to education from May 2019 onward).